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The extensive training and experience of the therapists at Flagstaff Counseling Center make a wide range of counseling services available. Clients come for help with parenting, past traumas, responses to a physical illness, marital and partnership problems, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction, existential dilemmas, anxiety, depression, work struggles, eating disorders, adjustment to a move, drug and alcohol abuse and many more. We provide both short- and long-term counseling to adults and teens. The approach used by the therapist will depend on their training. Cognitive-behavioral, object relations, Rogerian, family systems, Jungian, and psychodynamic are examples of approaches available.  Out of pocket rates are $200 for an intake session and $150 for subsequent sessions.
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Psychological Testing
Psychologists provide psychological testing services. The most common reason for testing is for diagnosis of complex psychological and educational problems. For example, psychological testing can be administered to determine whether someone has a specific psychological problem, such as Bipolar Disorder, and then detailed recommendations for treatment are developed. Another frequent request for testing is to diagnosis whether a student has learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The cost for psychological evaluations varies depending on the amount of time that is required for testing, report writing, and review of supporting documents. Psychological evaluations for learning disabilities, ADHD testing, or professional organizations are usually not covered by medical insurance. ASSIST, EAP, or insurance may cover the cost.
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