The extensive training and experience of the therapists at Flagstaff Counseling Center make a wide range of counseling services available. Clients come for help with parenting, past traumas, responses to a physical illness, marital and partnership problems, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction, existential dilemmas, anxiety, depression, work struggles, eating disorders, adjustment to a move, drug and alcohol abuse and many more. We provide both short- and long-term counseling to adults and teens. The approach used by the therapist will depend on their training. Cognitive-behavioral, object relations, Rogerian, family systems, Jungian, and psychodynamic are examples of approaches available.  Out of pocket rates are $200 for an intake session and $150 for subsequent sessions.
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Psychological Testing
Psychologists provide psychological testing services. The most common reason for testing is for diagnosis of complex psychological and educational problems. For example, psychological testing can be administered to determine whether someone has a specific psychological problem, such as Bipolar Disorder, and then detailed recommendations for treatment are developed. Another frequent request for testing is to diagnosis whether a student has learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Evaluations may be conducted for the Arizona Board of Nursing and other professional organizations. The cost for psychological evaluations varies depending on the amount of time that is required for testing, report writing, and review of supporting documents. Psychological evaluations for learning disabilities, ADHD testing, or professional organizations are usually not covered by medical insurance. ASSIST, EAP, or insurance may cover the cost.
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Public Safety Office Screenings
Many police and fire departments in northern Arizona contract with Flagstaff Counseling Center to evaluate candidates. Psychological screening is the last step in the hiring process for law enforcement positions. There is no cost to the candidates. The entire process can usually be completed in one half day. Candidates for police officer and firefighter are required to take the MMPI-2-RF personality test and participate in an interview with a psychologist. The MMPI-2-RF testing takes about two hours to complete. The interviews take forty-five to sixty minutes. Candidates for civilian positions, such as administrative assistant or dispatcher, take the MMPI-2-RF but usually are not required to have an interview. The results of the personality testing and the interview are given to the respective police and fire departments.
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Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Screenings are offered by the Flagstaff Counseling Center clinicians in order to identify employees who may pose a threat to themselves or organizations with contracted Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). From the administration of a comprehensive questionnaire, the clinician assesses the threat of risk to self or others and makes recommendations for the benefit of the employee and job safety of the organization.
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Crisis Management Services
Flagstaff Counseling Center provides crisis intervention services to organizations with contracted Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). These kinds of interventions may be provided when an organization experiences a traumatic event, an unexpected loss or death of an employee, or other unusual situation that causes distress. Depending on the needs of the organization, these types of interventions may vary from one-on-one sessions with affected employees, to a group focused on grief and loss, to Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services. Interventions have shown to be helpful for employees to process grief and trauma reactions, return to a normal routine, and develop coping strategies for healthy life adjustment.
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Substance Abuse
FCC has a specialist on staff who provides services for alcohol and drug abuse. Further, all counselors have training and provide services for issues that surround substance abuse. Services include assessment and evaluation of substance use; individualized treatment plans that involve coordination with or referral to 12-step groups, intensive outpatient programs, and residential treatment programs; counseling for family members who are affected by the addicted person's behavior; and comprehensive substance abuse education. Medical consultation often occurs with a client's medical practitioner and referrals can be made as needed to local psychiatrists.
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Employee Assistance Programs
Many local businesses and governmental agencies throughout northern Arizona contract with our agency to provide behavioral health and workplace adjustment counseling to their employees and families. The goal of an EAP program is to intervene in employee problems before they affect attitude and job performance. 
Employers have found that when employees use the EAP services, there is a resulting savings in terms of reduced leave time and job retention.
Common problems addressed are: substance abuse, workplace conflicts or threats, mental health problems, interpersonal relations, life stressors such as divorce, step-family, grief and loss, couple discord, or life transition adjustments.
Although most employees are self-referred, they can be encouraged or mandated to attend by their supervisors or human resources. In some cases, a risk assessment screening can be conducted when there is a question about employee safety.
We welcome inquiries about providing EAP services to area organizations no matter how large or small.


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