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Services are subject to availability and dependent on each providers personal schedule.

Individual Therapy: FCC provides counseling to individuals including children, teens, and adults. At this time, Deidre is the only provider seeing children under 12. Annie, Heather, and Stevie Mae only see adults. Please visit clinician’s biographies to determine who might be a good fit for you.

Couples Therapy: FCC provides couples therapy. This includes an intake session and subsequent sessions. Frequency is determined collaboratively between clients and therapist.

Family Therapy: FCC provides family therapy when appropriate. This can be counseling for parent/child relationships, siblings, or family systems. 

Psychological Testing: Dr. Hatch provides psychological testing to assist in diagnosis for ADHD, mood disorders, and personality disorders. Dr. Hatch does not provide neuropsychological or psychoeducational testing (e.g., learning disabilities/autism).

Clinical Consultation/Supervision: Deidre provides in-person and telehealth supervision to Licensed Associate Counselors  and Licensed Masters of Social Work. Contact her for availability and rates.

*Please visit the Payment and Rates Tab for pricing.

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